2020 Final Service Conference and Graduation Awards

The following recipients were recently honored with awards at the Final Service Conference.

Student Teaching Awards           

  • PGY 1: Cullen Roberts, MD
  • PGY 2: James Etheridge, MD
  • PGY 3: Sasha Mahvi, MD
  • PGY 4: George Li, MD
  • PGY 5: Kristin Sonderman, MD (Recipient of the Robert T. Osteen Award for Medical Student Education in Surgery)

Surgery Class of ’63 Scholar: Heather Lyu, MD

PBB Scholar Award: George Li, MD

Grant Rodkey Award (VA Hospital Award): Rhea Udyavar, MD

Christine Weeks Schofield Award (South Shore Hospital Award): James Etheridge, MD

Edward Kwasnik Award (South Shore Hospital Award): Bryan Dieffenbach, MD

The Vollman Award (Faulkner Hospital Award): Elizabeth Yates, MD

Starfish Award: Sasha Mahvi, MD

Francis D. Moore, Sr. Award: David Harris, MD

Donald D. Matson Award: Christopher Burns, MD

Richard E. Wilson Award: Thomas Clancy, MD